Quick Tools to Renew and Recharge

No matter how hectic your day is, it only takes a few minutes to “reset”! Try these quick tools to renew & recharge right from the comfort of your own office throughout your day. 

5 Minute Office Stretch

A calming sequence to help you release tension in your wrists, ankles, neck, and shoulders, all while sitting in your office chair. 

5 Minute Office Stretch Video

10 Minute Office Stretch

Simply stand up beside your desk and follow along for a gentle release through the spine, wrists, neck, and shoulders while you strengthen your core, deepen your breath, and stretch the muscles in your chest and shoulders. 

10 Minute Office Stretch Video

20 Minute Office Yoga

No prior experience or special attire required in this beginner-friendly yoga sequence! This series will increase your circulation, build strength in your core, safely stretch your back, quads, hamstrings, and chest, and inspire a feeling of grounded presence. Includes instruction in side bending, forward folding, chest opening, lunging poses, a gentle twist, and a relaxing savasana. 

20 Minute Office Yoga Video


Sending out an SOS! Take 5 minutes of guided breath to calm your nervous system, release tension, and return to a more clear-headed and balanced state of mind. 

Breathwork Video

5 Minute Guided Meditation

Root down and lift up. This short, guided mindfulness meditation will help you pull back from the flurry of your day and tap into an inner sense of groundedness and space. 

5 Minute Guided Meditation Video