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Judicial Well-Being

Guest: Justice Márquez

Health and Well-Being in the Legal Profession

Guest: Sarah Myers, Executive Director, Colorado Lawyer Assistance Program (COLAP)

Peer to Peer Coaching for Judges

Guests: Judge Gilbert Román, Colorado Court of Appeals & Jennifer Mendoza, Judicial Educator, State Court Administrator's Office

Practicing Mindfulness

Guest: Judge Dave Archuleta, 20th Judicial District

Growth Mindset and the Learning Brain

Guest: Trevor Ragan, Train Ugly, Learners Lab Podcast

Emotion, Empathy, and Judging

Guest: District Court Judge Todd Taylor, 19th Judicial District

Your Voice Is Your Most Powerful Tool for Connection, Engagement, and Serving Others

Guest: Tracy Goodwin, Voice Coach, Captivate the Room Podcast


Judicial Officer Favorites