The Path to Judicial Well-Being and Resilience During COVID-19

As members of the Colorado Judiciary, we have a unique opportunity to come together to support our colleagues, staff, and communities through these challenging times. In order to do this well, it is more necessary than ever for us to remain focused on our own path to well-being. We hope you will utilize the resources throughout the Judicial Well-Being site and check back frequently for new content. Stay connected, stay creative and stay well!


    Could you use a free, confidential, and “virtual” helping hand?  COLAP’s got you covered. 

    While the initial shock and stress of world events and shelter-in-place has passed, we continue to face new and difficult stressors.  You might feel isolated, overwhelmed with urgent demands on your time and attention, or be juggling multiple personal and professional issues that include physical illness and financial concerns.  Heightened stress can also exacerbate behavioral health issues such as anxiety, depression, substance use, and addiction.  Your Colorado Lawyer Assistance Program (COLAP) is open and providing free and confidential assistance for the legal community.  Click here for quick tips on teleworking and staying calm during changing times for judges.  For a  confidential consultation and discussion about your stressors, helpful resources, or to schedule a free ethics CLE well-being webinar for court or organization, contact your Colorado Lawyer Assistance Program:  303-986-3345 or info@coloradolap.org.  * All calls and emails are confidential * Click here for information on virtual support group meetings exclusively for the legal community through CLHL.


    Other Helpful Resources