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The committee has been organized in different workgroups to focus on the priority areas identified by the full standing committee. Below are descriptions of the workgroups and their current projects. 

WORKGROUP #1 Connection, Support & Community Building
Objective: To build, encourage, and enhance community & support among judicial officers. Immediate project areas include creating opportunities to promote skills related to identifying compassion fatigue and secondary trauma and creating a regularly scheduled forum for discussion about stressors of being a judicial officer.  Future projects may include hobby groups or get-connected activities.

WORKGROUP #2 Educational Programming
Objective: To develop and provide standalone and ongoing educational opportunities to promote a culture of well-being. Immediate project areas include a judicial-wide yoga/mindfulness program, judicial conference programming and quarterly well-being related webinars.  Future projects may include programming around vicarious trauma & resilience; wellness roundtables etc.

WORKGROUP #3 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Objective: To provide community, networking, and support for diverse judges. Current project areas include “Chamber Chats” and retention support. Click here for more information on Chamber Chats.

WORKGROUP #4 Leave Support
Objective: To promote adequate resources and structure to provide leave support for all judicial officers to be able to take leave when needed for things such as vacation, medical issues, family responsibilities and training. Current project areas include developing proposals for changes to the senior judge program; sabbatical programs; and developing strategies to enhance collegiality for local coverage etc.

WORKGROUP #5 Website
Objective: To continue developing and sustaining the Judicial Well-Being Website. Immediate projects include reviewing & vetting new content; soliciting judge-authored articles; marketing etc.

WORKGROUP #6 Clarity

Objective: Clarity is an open collaborative of judicial officers seeking healthy, vibrant connections in a substance-free community. Clarity is open to any judicial officer who seeks community with others who are on a path of substance-free living. The only requirement to participate is to be sober for any activities you choose to join. Clarity provides support for its members at judicial events by offering a safe, substance-free group to engage with. Seek out members with a badge tag. Any Clarity member will welcome you, pressure-free. Clarity provides additional, non-judicial related social connection through various activities.  Clarity can provide simple social connection all the way up to mentorship and direct connection with COLAP, pursuant to Supreme Court Rule 254. Click here for more information on how to participate. 

We want to hear from you! 

Please contact us with questions, feedback, ideas or to learn how to get more involved!

Judicial Well-Being Committee


David Archuleta

20th JD – County Court Judge

Karen Ashby

Retired Judge

Matthew Barrett

21st JD – District Court Judge

Andrew Baum

18th JD - District Court Judge

Ray Ann Brammer

13th JD - County Court Judge

Jaclyn Brown

Colorado Court of Appeals Judge

Ashley Burgemeister

7th JD - County Court Judge

Colleen Clark

18th JD - County Court Judge

Kato Crews

Federal Court Magistrate Judge

Sarah Cure 8th JD- District Court Judge

Ericka Englert

2nd JD – District Court Judge

Gordon Gallagher

Federal Court Magistrate Judge

Leslie Gerbracht

3rd JD – Chief Judge

Mary Hoak

14th JD - District Court Judge

Amanda Hopkins

12th JD - District Court Judge

Frances Johnson

4th JD - District Court Judge

Sarah Law

6th JD - Magistrate

Michal Lord-Blegan

17th JD - Magistrate

Mark MacDonnell

16th JD - Chief Judge

Corinne Magid

1st JD – County Court Judge

Monica Márquez

Colorado Supreme Court Justice

Diana May

4th JD – District Court Judge

Andrew McCallin

2nd JD – District Court Judge

Jennifer Mendoza

SCAO - Judicial Educator

Pax Moultri

 Denver Juvenile Court Judge

John Neily

9th JD - District Court Judge

Isabel Pallares

Denver County Court Judge

Denise Peacock

4th JD - County Court Judge

Amy Phillips

COLAP Assistant Director

Roberto Ramirez

17th JD - District Court Judge

Gilbert Román

Colorado Court of Appeals Judge

Meghan Saleebey

19th JD - District Court Judge

Timothy Schultz

4th JD - District Court Judge

Jonathan Shamis

5th JD - County Court Judge

Theresa Slade

18th JD - District Court Judge

Kelley Southerland

17th JD – Magistrate

Jennifer Torrington

2nd JD – District Court Judge

Don Toussaint

18th JD - District Court Judge

Mariana Vielma

17th JD – County Court Judge

Tanja Wheeler

Denver County Court Judge